Anxiety Problems

   There are different forms of anxiety, all treatable with modern psychotherapy.  The most common form of anxiety and fear is a generalized anxiety condition which involves chronic worry, obsessing, dread, and insecurity.  Some people describe having the sensation of a never ending little movie playing in their heads in which every possible worst case scenario takes place.  This is sometimes called catastrophic thinking.  They worry about how to cope when thinking about every possible disaster that could strike.  That could include earthquakes, the boss firing you, a husband or wife having an affair, developing cancer, not having enough money to pay the bills, not performing sexually, and countless other feelings of doom and failure. An overall nervousness and feeling “uptight”, “on edge”, or “on guard” are common complaints.  Difficulty sleeping due to ruminating thoughts or waking up in the middle of the night are also part of the problem.  Finally, these anxious symptoms as well as the constant pessimism, negative thinking, and fear of things going wrong that are all part of the general anxiety condition can be resolved with weekly counseling and psychodynamic therapy.