Obsessive Compulsive Problems

          Obsessive compulsive disorders include repetitive worry, unrealistic fears, compulsive behaviors, intrusive and obsessive thoughts, and ideas or behaviors that are scary and don’t make sense.  The person may realize the thoughts or the compulsive behaviors don’t make any sense, are unrealistic, and are getting in the way of living but they can’t stop them or get rid of them.  In fact, they feel compelled to think about the matter or do the action.  Examples include worrying that you haven’t shut off the stove so you feel you must go back and check, thinking you didn’t lock the house after you left, thinking people took your comment wrong at the important work meeting, wanting to have the house so clean or organized it becomes overwhelming and a time drain, and other situations in which one feels the need to be perfect, check things over and over, or worry about something until you know it is ok.