The Therapy Approach

   Whether it is social anxiety, general anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive problems, situational anxiety, or a general lack of self confidence and trust in the world, counseling and psychodynamic therapy can be of great help.  Dr. Waska’s anxiety treatment involves meeting on a weekly basis and focusing on what emotional conflicts may be contributing to these external physical symptoms.  Gradually, by discussing all aspects of your life, including any troubles you may have had throughout your life as well as your current difficulties, the real source of your anxiety problem can be found.  In other words, sadness, worry, anger, uncertainty, regret, or resentment in one area can cause anxious feelings to manifest in another area of your life.  Sometimes, childhood trauma or stress can be traced as the cause of adult anxiety problems.  Other times, a general lack of self confidence and an overall fear of conflict in your adult life might be the reason for feeling anxious, fearful about social settings, having a phobia, or feeling obsessed with certain thoughts.

The causes of anxiety are unique to the individual and can be found by working with Dr. Waska to better understand yourself and to challenge these internal conflicts.  Reduction of anxiety is the reward as the source of the fear is located, understood, challenged, and then replaced with new choices.  Old patterns and unhealthy ways of relating to the self and the world create anxiety, obsessive compulsive thinking and behavior, phobias, and even panic attacks.  As therapy transforms these painful feelings and psychological conflicts, new ways of relating to the self and fresh approaches to life can be realized.

Psychodynamic therapy and counseling are therapy approaches that have been helping people overcome anxiety, obsessive compulsive problems, phobias, and panic for many decades.  However, in the last ten years, more and more evidence based research is showing how effective this treatment really is.  You may have noticed articles in the New York Times, Psychology Today, or the American Psychologist that explain how psychodynamic therapy has been found to be superior to medication and to many other types of counseling and psychotherapy.  Rather than the fast-fix, Band-Aid approaches so common today that only offers temporary and false relief to what is a serious condition, psychodynamic therapy and counseling works on the underlying root cause of anxiety, panic, obsession, and phobia to permanently remove the anxious symptoms and to offer the person a new freedom and ability to feel in control of their lives.